FanFest by VICI TV

Create live fan experiences beyond the stadium with integrated merchandising and sponsorship
  • Engage Fans Outside Stadium

    • "Go Live" With Players
    • Watch Games Together
    • Region-Specific Raffles
  • Monetize Like Inside Stadium

    • Direct Merchandising
    • Digital Membership
    • Virtual Sponsorship
  • 15+
    minutes of reach per fan per FanFest
  • 90%+
    of FanFest audience isn't registered with the team
  • $100+
    per fan per season in potential revenue

Global Reach for Global Brands

Teams & Fans Love FanFest

"We've been working with VICI for the last 12 months, and it's been a really valuable experience. One of the strengths we've gained from working with VICI is it's helped us inform our own content strategy by stripping back everything and thinking what is it our audience want to see and what they want to engage with...we look forward to the next 12 months."
Paris Saint-Germain Digital Content Team
"VICI TV makes it easy for Real Madrid and their sponsors to make our fan group experience more exciting with videos from the team and free raffles for merchandise and beer. I love seeing fans like me from other peƱas around the world and sharing live experiences before, during, and after games - and especially now that La Liga is paused!"
Real Madrid Fans in NYC

Launching FanFest Is Easy

Get Started In One Week
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    Promote Your Players and Content

    FanFest is a way for players to authentically connect with the fanbase. Plus, our AI-powered cloud aggregates content already published on social channels and creates a personalized experience tailored to each fan around the world.
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    Promote Your Services & Sponsors

    FanFest requires fans to register for a chance to "go live" with a player. Plus, integrated widgets link directly to team membership and online retail pages, and ~15 minute sessions create new sponsorship inventory that can be localized to the individual viewer.
  • 3

    Make More Money

    FanFest reaches the out-of-market fans most likely to purchase merchandise and pay for digital subscriptions, 90%+ of whom are not registered with the team. For teams with over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, FanFest can increase revenue per fan by $100+.
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